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Suffering from severe bouts of intestinal pain or having swallowing problems? Go for endoscopy at Kolkata’s premiere endoscopy test center, Americana Gastro & Diagnostic Center run by eminent gastroenterologist Dr. Vijay Rai, MD and his brilliant team of doctors, pathologists and health care personnel.

Brief Description Of Endoscopy

It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure performed for the purpose of looking into your digestive tract to find out the cause of your trouble. Using an endoscope which consists of a long flexible tube with a light source and minute camera attached to it, Dr. Vijay Rai will view pictures of your digestive tract on a TV monitor.

In course of Upper GI Endoscopy, the endoscope will be passed through your mouth and throat, down the esophagus, permitting Gastrologist Dr. Vijay Rai to view the esophagus, stomach as well as the upper part of your small intestine. The endoscope may also be passed into the large intestine, called colon through the rectum to inspect the area of the large intestine. However, this procedure is medically termed as Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, depending upon how far up the colon is required to be examined.

A specialized form of endoscopy procedure known as Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancretography (ERCP) makes visible the pancreas, gallbladder along with related structures.

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) integrate Upper Endoscopy with ultrasound assessment, thus providing images as well as information in regard to various parts of your digestive system.

Incidentally, if Gastro Dr. Vijay Rai suspects any cancerous growth during inspection, he will perform a biopsy during the endoscopy. The result may take a few days, after which Dr. Vijay Rai will discuss with you about probable course of treatment.


Endoscopy Performed Routinely

All forms of endoscopy are routinely performed at Americana Gastro and Diagnostic Center in Kolkata for the following conditions.

  • For patients with swallowing difficulty on account of esophageal stricture or Achalasia, endoscopic dilation can be carried out under fluoroscopic guidance. Dilation of pyloric and colonic strictures is also performed wherever necessary.
  • For patients with obstructive jaundice, ERCP / papillotomy / stone extraction from CBD/ biliary stenting (both plastic and metal stents) are commonly performed.
  • For patients suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding, Banding/ injection of esophageal varices as well as control of bleeding with adrenaline injection /argon plasma coagulation are also commonly performed.
  • For patients having difficulty in eating on account of neurological disorders or altered consciousness levels, endoscopic placement of nasojejunal tube or PEG tube is done.

What preparations are needed before endoscopy is performed?

  • For Upper Endoscopy, nothing more than fasting for 6 to 8 hours is needed prior to the procedure. To examine the colon, a purgative is prescribed a day before the proceeding to purge out stool.
  • Sedation is often provided prior to the examination which reduces the patient’s discomfort to a great extent. The sedative which is administered through an intra muscular injection induces light sleep, while patients wake up soon after the endoscopy is done.


Even though there are quite a few diagnostic centers in the City of Joy where endoscopy is performed, Americana Gastro and Diagnostic Center is especially recognized as the top performing clinic because of its life force, Dr. Vijay Rai who takes personal care of each and every patient, regardless of whether the person is a millionaire or a pauper.



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